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  • Installing Acestream on Yosemite Mac OS X

    My old laptop which most of the time was connected to the TV and used for watching streams died. I decided not to buy a new one and connect my Mac Mini with Yosemite OS X instead. Unfortunately, there is no native Acestream app for Mac. Quick check – will Wine work? Google says: yes. Here […]

  • UTF-8 string encoding (Swift)

    Let’s assume you have a human-friendly string and you want to make it a part of url. It’s not that hard: [code language=”objc”] var baseUrl : String = "" var name : String = "GALERIA DOMINIKAŃSKA" var encodedName = name.stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding(NSUTF8StringEncoding) var finalUrl = baseUrl + encodedName // println(finalUrl) // [/code]  

  • Easy XML parsing in Swift

    WARNING: This tutorial was created with Xcode beta and early version of Swift. Use it at your own risk. Wondering what is the simplest way to parse small XML resources using Swift? For less demanding purposes you can use standard Foundation library called NSXMLParser.

  • Google Maps SDK with Swift – tutorial [ENG]

    WARNING: This tutorial was created with Xcode beta and early version of Swift. Use it at your own risk. Swift, why are you so awesome? For all those who want to start with Google Maps SDK using Swift I have created this short tutorial. Of course it is too early for Google developers to provide […]