Installing Acestream on Yosemite Mac OS X

My old laptop which most of the time was connected to the TV and used for watching streams died. I decided not to buy a new one and connect my Mac Mini with Yosemite OS X instead. Unfortunately, there is no native Acestream app for Mac. Quick check – will Wine work? Google says: yes.

Here is my quick tutorial how to install Acestram on Yosemite OS X.

  1. Install XQuartz – log out and log in may be necessary
  2. Install Wine
  3. Download Acestream installer for Windows from the offiical Website
  4. Run Wine
  5. Go to the downloaded file directory, run the installer and follow the instructions

    [code language=”bash”]
    cd Downloads
    wine Ace_Stream_Media_3.1.16.1.exe

  6. Run another Wine instance and go to Acestream player location. In my case it was:

    [code language=”bash”]
    cd /Users/paweldubinski/.wine/drive_c/users/paweldubinski/Application Data/ACEStream/player

  7. Run the player:

    [code language=”bash”]wine ace_player.exe[/code]

  8. ??
  9. Profit!

If your stream buffers but you have no visuals (sound only), you have to change the video output module:

  1. Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Video
  2. Change default video output to „OpenGL video output” (or similar)
  3. Restart the Acestream
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